I'm Raul, an on location, Natural Light Photographer based out Phoenix Arizona. I'm a Father, husband, and have a degree in Computer Animation. Here's a little about my life.

At  a very young age, my parents, siblings and I immigrated from Mexico to the United States. I've lived in the states of Texas, Nevada and I decided to make the move on my own to the state of Arizona were I've lived since for the last 18 years.

My dream was to work on the Computer Graphics and Animation industry but plans changed immediately after my wife gave birth to my daughter Alexis. Life at that point became more serious as I was now responsible for a little one and decided to stay in a job where I knew my family would have what they needed. Now my wife and I have have been blessed with our second child and the family is all complete. We enjoy time out hiking and exploring parts of Arizona.

In all honesty, Photography was never a plan and it more like happen by chance. One of my best friends really enjoyed my family pictures so asked me to do a shoot for his daughters 15th birthday. I accepted the challenge and automatically fell in love with photography. With the help of my family and friends I was able to work on my photography and my portfolio.

I have no idea if this was the path for me since the day i decided to move to Arizona. The one thing for sure is that I was really hating the idea of paying all the student loans without getting anything in return from what I learned in school.

Well now I am here and ready to ride this all the way to the end. More important, I am here to  create beautiful memories for you, your family and loved ones for many years to come.